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Here are some Pictures of Some of Our Projects We Have Performed Recently

Point Brittany 4 

Point Brittany 4 is a 20 story Condominium on the Pinellas Bayway. The building is comprised of precast panels. For Decades the association had water intrusion issues caused by failing sealants at the joints in between the panels and from large concrete repairs needed on the panels.  Several contractors tried to solve these issues by adding and adding and ADDING more and more caulking to the joints and smearing caulk over the cracks in the concrete. Enter Dixie Construction..... We mobilized the jog, found a way to remove all the caulking from the joints and from between the rocks in the precast panels. We installed new joints using high quality, commercial grade, UV stable urethane sealants. As for the concrete repairs, instead of just smearing caulk over them, like other restoration contractors, we actually repaired them. We performed our concrete repairs according to ICRI guidelines and then even impressed rock in them while they were green, so that it would match the rest of the panels on the building. Its these type of details that separates Dixie from the other restoration companies.

Silver Sands
Got a balcony in failure? Silver Sands not only had one, they had three. Working with the ownership and a local engineering firm, Dixie Construction formulated a plan to remove, redesign and replace the balconies. Working with the engineering firm, we figure out how to remove the balcony, install new reenforcing steel and the proper sloping for effective water drainage. Working with client, we figured out their scheduling and unique needs so that we impacted the association and its residents the least. 

One Watergate
The association at One Watergate was unhappy with all the dirt and grime on their building. Who did they call to help? Dixie Construction of course. We mobilized the project and then performed pressure cleaning services on the building. Other contractors had told them their only option was to repaint, which would have been 3 years to early in their paint cycle. But the building looks like new again because Dixie didn't oversell them services they did not need. This left the owners extremely happy and Dixie with yet another satisfied customer. 

Hilton - Carillion

The Hilton Carillion in north Saint Petersburg, Florida is a high end hotel/resort. Constructed within the last 10 years, the Hilton Carillion has experienced leaks since its first day in operation. Most the leaks were due to poorly installed sealants at the windows. Dixie Construction was hired to stop those leaks. After working with the Project Consultant, a clear scope of work was established to remediate the caulking at the end dams of each window and at all the connection points. Working with the staff at the Hilton, Dixie Construction was able to service every window in the building without causing the Hilton any revenue loss due to rooms having to be shut down for long periods of time. The staff was so impressed with our work, they had us remove and replace all the drywall that was damaged from the leaks that were caused by the windows. The second water intrusion issue the Hilton was experiencing was the transition from the ground level slab to wall transition. Dixie removed the soil, EFIS and in some cases asphalt to expose the transitions, waterproof them and then reinstall the previous finishes. Since the project was completed there has been 0 water intrusion issues due to windows or the slab to wall transitions. 

Pointe Pass-A-Grille
After years of plain old paint applications to their seawall and common area walkways, the Pointe Pass-A-Grille Condominium Association wanted to make a change. They contacted Dixie Construction Services to liven up their walkways for them. DCS proceeded to strip the decks at the pool, common area walkway at the seawall and the seawall itself. Once stripped, DCS worked with the client to find a suitable finish the association wanted. Application of a two tone knockdown texture deck system was then completed by DCS. This system gave the client the non slip surface they needed for safety and also the aesthetic look they desired. 

Holiday Inn Select - Brandon
Dixie Construction Services is your first choice in waterproofing you building. The Holiday Inn in Brandon needed their windows waterproofed due to leak issues they were having. So they hired Dixie to do the job. Every window on the building had its perimeter, metal to metal and glass to metal sealant joints removed and replaced with high grade commercial sealants. Since the work was completed, there have been no leaks, a first for this hotel. 

Point Brittany 3
Only hours after Tropical Storm Debbie moved through the Tampa Bay area, Dixie Construction Services was contacted by the Point Brittany 3 Association about the multiple units that had leaks from improper window installations over the years. Dixie worked with the association board to establish a scope of work and repair protocol for the removal and replacement of the perimeter sealants at each of the units that experienced massive water infiltration during the storm. While we completed the work, we discovered that all the windows in the building, which had been replaced over the past 10 years were not properly sealed at the top and side window to stucco transitions. Matter of fact, most of them had massive 1/2" wide joints that were totally unsealed. DCS removed all the failed sealants and replaced them with a high grade urethane sealant that will last years to come. Since the project, there has been no report of any further leaks. 

Signature Flight Support
With the Republican National Convention weeks away, Signature Flight Support at the Saint Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport wanted to spruce up the outside of their building before hundreds of VIP's arrived for the convention. Who did they trust to ensure they looked good? Dixie Construction Services, of course! We performed some stucco repairs, did some much needed painting of the building and sealed all the stone work. When you need your building painted and waterproofed, trust the professionals at Dixie Construction Services to do the job. We will get the job done right the first time.

Bella Costa
Why does a 5 year old 3 story condominium made from wood possibly need restoration work performed? The answer is simple, its because of termites and water damage. Thats exactly the problem the Bella Costa Association was experiencing when they contacted Dixie Construction Services. This unit had its outside wood LVL beam totally rotted out. The beam was 18 inches tall, 8.5 inches wide and 23 feet long. Dixie Construction Services worked with the Board and a local Engineering firm to shore the building at each floor, remove the beam and replace it as well as other termite and water damaged wood members. All this was completed with the homeowners still occupying their residence. Again, Dixie Construction Services proved itself fully capable of performing the most technical repairs under the most adverse of conditions. 

Bon Aire
When the owners of the Bon Aire Resort wanted their walkways waterproofed and 11 rooms remodeled, who did they call? Not Ghost Busters, they called Dixie Construction Services. Why? Because Dixie has the most diverse tradesmen in the Restoration and Repair field. Add to that a tight time frame of a month to complete the work and you got the perfect project that will test any companies' limits. How did we do? A perfect project completed right on time. All the walkways were coated with a three coat pedestrian walkway waterproofing system. The rooms were totally gutted and then re-built to include tile throughout the floors, new tile showers, new drywall with textured finish, new doors and paint.  The owners were more than satisfied with the work perform but the real story was the very impressed customers of the Bon Aire who love the new rooms. 

CVS Daniels Road
What do you do when you have a huge leak in your building that you can't locate or fix yourself? You call Dixie Construction Services, just like the people at the CVS on Daniels Road in Ft. Meyers did. DCS came in and water tested the building, found the areas where water intrusion was occurring  and then taylor made a repair protocol for the building. Once authorized, the expansion joint sealants were removed and replaced, concrete, stucco and crack repairs were performed, and then a high build coatings system was applied. Since the work was completed, no leaks. 

Shore Mariner Condominium Association
When the Shore Mariner Condominium Association needed quality and professional concrete restoration performed on their balconies and walkways performed, they called Dixie. Concrete Restoration is always performed to ICRI guidelines and standards. Working with the association and their Engineer, we performed over 75 cubic feet of repairs on this 8 story building on a number of different balconies and areas on the walkways. 

Tampa Bay History Museum
The Tampa Bay History Museum in Tampa needed some repairs to their loading dock area after damages from trucks made the area hard to use. After a short site visit, Dixie set up a repair protocol and after the museum's approval performed all the repairs quickly for the client, eliminating the need to close the loading docks for a long period of time. 

Point Towers
Not your every day project but, on June 24th, 2012, the Pass-a-grille area in Pinellas County was hit with a Tornado during Tropical Storm Debbie. Due to a previous relationship with the Point Towers association, Dixie was called to help secure the area and dispose of the debris. The association lost 3 large carports, a dumpster enclosure and a hurricane rated window. Dixie responded immediately and the Association was happy once the job was completed. Now the client has Dixie involved with the repairs to the building and the design of the new carports. 

Serterides Residence
The Serterides Residence project was completed in April 2012. The Serterides purchased windows from a Window Installer and needed some stucco repairs to repair damage due to their old leaking windows. Dixie came in and placed bands around all the new windows to hide the repairs and performed 2 large stucco and sheathing repairs in the rear of the building. The client was very happy with the new look of their home and the fact that Dixie was able to stop all the leaks in his walls. 

In May, Dixie was contracted to perform the interior painting of a privately owned condominium at the Ventana in Tampa, Florida. Being a high end condo, attention to detail was a must. The owner, with assistance from Dixie, selected the colors and work commenced. All the walls, base boards and doors in the 6 room condominium were painted. 

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